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The Polocrosse Association of Australia boasts a membership over 4,000 players nationwide spanned over 135 clubs within the 7 states and territories. We are the largest Polocrosse country in the World.

For those of you that haven’t heard of this amazing game, Polocrosse is a fast paced team sport played on horseback. It combines the speed of polo, the strategy and tactics of netball (in terms of the field being divided in to 3 sections), the toughness of rugby and AFL and the ball handling ability of lacrosse. This unique sport originated in Australia in 1939 and is dubbed as the “King of the One Horse Sports.” Polocrosse is governed by the International Polocrosse Council (IPC), is currently played in 18 countries and boasts over 10,000 players worldwide. Anyone who can ride a horse can play polocrosse at an amateur/club level, and the sport will vastly help improve riding skills.

Possibly the best Polocrosse action you will see played anywhere in the World is at the Australian National Championships. This massive event is held every 2 years and showcases the best players and horses from each state when they come together to compete for the Australian Champions title. The National Championships are played on a rotational basis around the seven States and Territories,  a state hosts the competition on behalf of the Polocrosse Association of Australia.

At an International level, the pinnacle of Polocrosse has to be the World Cup! To date there have only been 2 World Cup events held, both at Morgan Park in Warwick Queensland with Australia taking out the World Champions trophy in both 2003 and 2007 from New Zealand and the United Kingdom respectively. In 2011, this will be the third Polocrosse World Cup tournament in history and the first time it has been held outside of Australia. The 8 countries taking part will include the United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Zimbabwe, Zambia and the United States of America. Check out our dedicated page to learn more about the Australian Team that has been selected to defend our World No 1 ranking!

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