Polocrosse Association of Australia

His Excellency General the Honourable Sir Peter Cosgrove AK MC (Retd)

Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia

Our Board - Elected by our State Associations

The Board is responsible for acting on all national issues and operates for the collective and mutual benefit of the Association and the sport of Polocrosse throughout Australia.

The Board determines major strategic directions of the Association.

The Board consists of The President, Four (4) Independent Directors, one Appointed Director and an appointed Treasurer and Executive Officer.


President: Rodney Geppert
Vice President: TBA

Geoffrey Hartwig; Rodney Gee; Carolyn Garland; Kerryn Mickle and Michael Rynne


Director Responsibilities

Rodney Geppert

Support Insurance and Database.  State Liaison Victoria & Tasmania

Rodney Gee

Support Disciplinary and Selection committee - State Liaison New South Wales & Queensland.

Geoffrey Hartwig

Support Umpiring and Horse Welfare, State Liaison - Western Australia

Carolyn Garland

Support National Coaching, Youth & Junior Development and High Performance and Development. State Liaison - Northern Territory.

Kerryn Mickle

Support Managers, Promotion, Marketing and Web site.  State Liaison - South Australia

Michael Rynne Governance and Policy support.

Appointed Positions

Position Name
Director of Coaching
Karin Stockman
Director of Umpiring
Brian Johnson
Treasurer Colin Bloomfield
Executive Officer Karin Stockman
Anti-Doping Control Officer
Bill Bleechmore
Horse Welfare Officer Lee Kelly

Our Members

At present over 4,500 members – a wonderful mix of male and female members of all ages, from Juniors to Veterans from all walks of life who belong to over 140 registered clubs participating in the sport throughout Australia.

Accredited Coaching Scheme

Established in 1985 in conjunction with the Australian Coaching Council and The Australian Sports Commission.

All coaching is administered by a National Coaching Committee comprising the State Coaching Directors under the Chairmanship of a National Coaching Director who meet regularly to monitor the coaching programs throughout Australia and in each State.

Accredited Umpiring System

A high priority has always been given to safety for both horses and players through a well organised umpiring system.

All umpiring is administered by a National Umpiring Committee comprising the State Chief Umpires who meet under the Chairmanship of the Australian Chief Umpire.

Elite Camp

We work with the Australian Institute of Sport in providing our International Level Players with the opportunity of attending the Institute before participating in International Level Competition.

Risk Management Manual

We adopt world’s best practice in risk management to support and enhance activities in all areas of our organisation and ensure the risk management is an integral part of all our decision making processes.


We implement and monitor various policies to ensure the game is played safely and all associated social aspects are enjoyed by all participants and spectators, policies include:

  • Member Protection Policy
  • Smoking and Alcohol Policy
  • Harassment Policy
  • Emergency Policy
  • Code of Conduct
  • Doping Policy and Procedures
  • National Insurance Scheme

We administer the National Insurance Scheme on behalf of all our Clubs and players.

National Executive Officer (NEO)

We have a dedicated Association office based in Bulli. The NEO provides administrative support to the President, Treasurer, Director of Umpiring and Director of Coaching and operation of the Board.

Provides the State Associations with information to assist them support our members.

The Australian Institute of Sport

The Australian Sports Commission recognises the Polocrosse Association of Australia as a National Sporting Organisation. We receive funding to secure:

1. Excellence in sports performance at the Elite level; enabling Polocrosse to compete at an international level and retain our standing as the Worlds Best.

2. Sport Development – to ensure Polocrosse has a sports system that supports and offers improved participation at a local/club level.

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