Beth Hafey

“I just remember the atmosphere from the 2019 World Cup — it is something I will never forget. It lifts you. It changes you as a player. It heightens your game to another level”

Beth Hafey

Name: Beth Hafey

Club: Tansey, Queensland

Years playing polocrosse: 16

Favourite position: 3

What I love most about polocrosse:
It’s a sport for the whole family.

Beth Hafey is back for her second World Cup in 2024. And the proud Aussie brings the experience of the first event and her skills of a seasoned horsewoman to the team.

“It’s pretty special to be selected I have to say. It’s acknowledgement for all your hard work, long hours and commitment — it’s a reward for all of that.

“You now know you’re not just playing for your club or your state, you’re playing for the whole of Australia. I think that gives you another reason to push yourself and play well.

“You know you have to keep your head high, you’re not doing it just for yourself, but you’re doing it for your country — for everyone back home.”

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