Lucy Grills

“I just think about 11-year-old me at the ’03 World Cup, looking at the people I wanted to be liked. I imagine there’s probably someone looking at me wanting to be in the same spot, so pitch up and do the work, because when you get there and you’ve done it you can be content with leaving nothing at home. The results will show you’ve given it everything. You owe that to yourself, your team mates and those who have helped you.”

Lucy Grills

Name: Lucy Grills

Club: Albury/Holbrook, NSW

Years playing polocrosse: xxx

Favourite position: xxx

What I love most about polocrosse: xxx

Lucy is lining up for her third World Cup in 2024. Focussed, competitive and thankful, Lucy’s vision for the journey ahead is inspiring and her passion for her chosen sport is contagious.

“The beauty of this World Cup team and coaching line-up is they’ve been working together for a long time. There’s a deep sense of respect between the players and coaches, and I think when you have that foundation anything is possible — it’s a really exciting structure and it’s going to benefit the team.

“One thing that’s special about this World Cup approach is we’re looking for answers beyond what we’ve always done. It’s an exciting time to be involved and as long as we keep pushing the boundaries we’ll keep pushing ourselves forward.”

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