Transition to Polocrosse Australia: Update on NEO Role

By now you may have seen the announcement that we have now officially transitioned from the Polocrosse Association of Australia (PAA) to a new organisation, Polocrosse Australia Limited (Polocrosse Australia).  This new structure sets the foundation to further improve the governance and management of our sport, ensuring that it will be successful and sustainable into the future. 

As part of the transition, the Board has assessed the organisational skills and capabilities required to support Polocrosse Australia as we move into this next stage of growth. This assessment included a review of the National Executive Officer (NEO) role requirements for Polocrosse Australia.

The Board is now pleased to announce that as a result of this review, a new NEO position has been created. This new role will play an integral part in supporting the organisational change, lead the day-to-day management of Polocrosse Australia’s activities, be responsible for ensuring we meet our new governance requirements, and drive and deliver the commercial and strategic priorities set by the Board moving forward.

The Polocrosse Australia NEO role is offered on a full-time basis, and is being advertised on leading employment and sports websites, Seek and Sportspeople (see the links provided below).  We are excited to be offering this new opportunity to a dynamic and motivated leader who can have a positive impact on our uniquely Australian sport. Please feel free to share the word!

Polocrosse Australia would like to say a huge thank you to Angela Grills who has been providing support to the PAA for many years now. She has been diligent throughout this time, and we very much appreciate the ongoing support Angela has provided.  

Angela will finish her work for Polocrosse Australia on 14 April 2022. She will be assisting Polocrosse Australia and Polocrosse Victoria with final preparations and running the 2022 Australian Polocrosse Nationals in Ballarat during this time. Angela has also kindly offered to assist in ensuring there is a smooth handover to the new NEO. Thank you again Angela, we wish you all the very best in your future endeavours.

Polocrosse Australia looks forward as we transition into this new phase of growth and benefits it will bring to our sport. 

Graham Lane, Polocrosse Australia President.

The advertisements for the new NEO role can be accessed at the following links:

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