Rest of the World Teams announced

It’s with great pleasure that we’re able to announce the Men’s and Women’s Rest of the World teams that will take on Australia in 2023.

Warwick Polocrosse Club will host the Men’s and Women’s Rest of the World (ROW) teams in a three match test series against Australia on May 5-7, 2023.

We congratulate each of the players and their respective countries and look forward to welcoming everyone next year.

Rest of the world – men’s team

Coach: Henry Harris – South Africa

Manager: Allan Molloy – Zimbabwe

  • Damien Harris – Zambia
  • Stefan Harris – South Africa
  • Houston Hutcherson – United States Of America
  • Josh Le Roux – South Africa
  • John Rae – South Africa
  • Jarrod Richardson – New Zealand
  • Chad Von Benecke – South Africa

Reserve: Seb Chambers – Ireland

Reserve: Daniel Small – Zimbabwe

Rest of the world – Women’s team

Coach: Shane Hill – New Zealand

Manager: Allan Molloy – Zimbabwe

  • Elri De Jager – South Africa
  • Tayla Mansfield – South Africa
  • Chelsea McDonald – South Africa
  • Kayla Murray – New Zealand
  • Beth Peaker – New Zealand
  • Layla Sics – United Kingdom
  • Mirren Tye – New Zealand

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