Polocrosse Australia introduces a new Code of Conduct

Polocrosse Australia is committed to protecting and furthering the best interests and reputation of polocrosse in Australia.

Below is the new code of conduct, which has been made by the Board of Polocrosse Australia.

The Polocrosse Australia code of conduct establishes a standard of conduct expected from all participants in, and members of, our sport – this includes administrators, coaches, officials, players, parents and spectators. It also provides the means by which those standards of conduct may be maintained, including by the investigation of conduct that may be in breach of the code.  It is a policy made under the constitution of Polocrosse Australia

As a member of Polocrosse Australia, you will be bound by the code of conduct. This requires you to be aware of and comply with the obligations imposed under the code, and to behave in a way that enhances, and protects, the reputation of Polocrosse Australia and the sport of polocrosse at all times. As such, we encourage you to carefully read and familiarise yourself with code.

All members have a responsibility and a role to play. We thank you for your time and commitment to ensuring that these standards of conduct are upheld, and the integrity of our sport is maintained.


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