Australia Dominates New Zealand in Polocrosse Test Series

In a display of skill and sportsmanship, the Goodline Polocrosse Australia team has emerged victorious in a three-match test series against New Zealand’s newly announced World Cup team. The Kaitieke Polocrosse Club hosted this pre-World Cup event in the picturesque setting of Taumarunui, showcasing the best of polocrosse.

The series kicked off on Friday, 8 March, with Australia securing a commanding win over New Zealand with a score of 33 to 15. The following day, the Goodline Polocrosse Australia team continued to dominate, defeating New Zealand 41 to 14 in the second match. Despite a spirited effort from the New Zealand team, Australia sealed their victory on Sunday, 10 March, with a final score of 32 to 21.

One of the key factors in Australia’s success was the noticeable improvement in the team’s performance since their last outing in Sale during February. The players demonstrated exceptional skill and coordination, having only ridden their pool horses for 90 minutes before the first match.

The Goodline Polocrosse Australia team received tremendous support from the Queensland Junior team and their entourage, who cheered them on tirelessly and ensured the wellbeing of their horses between chukkas. This camaraderie and teamwork are testament to the strong bond within the Australian polocrosse community and showcase the community values that underpin our sport. Polocrosse Australia and the Goodline Polocrosse Australia team extend their heartfelt thanks to New Zealand Polocrosse for organising the test series and for their warm hospitality. The event not only showcased the talent and passion for polocrosse in both countries, but also strengthened the bonds of friendship between our nations.

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