Wollondilly Polocrosse Club

Wollondilly Club hold their first Carnival

Over the weekend of 13th and 14th July Wollondilly Polocrosse held our first carnival that was a complete success. Our young club managed to run a smooth fun and relaxed carnival with great results congratulations to all involved.

Beyond Blue was our chosen organisation for 2019  and Wollondilly club ran a silent auction and also collected donations raising $700+ to help them out. This is a fantastic effort from the club and we are proud to say we are a club that is willing to help and support others.

Congratulations to the blue bandage players at our carnival we had around 9 great new people come and  have a run with visible improvements over the weekend, lots of laughs and giggles heard coming from the field it was great to see and welcome them all to our sport.

Blue Bandage Polocrosse at Wollondilly ~ Fun for the entire Family

Thankyou again to our sponsors we managed to get a lot of support for our first carnival and we appreciate it a lot we had some fantastic prizes to be won for teams and individuals so a  huge congratulations to all.

Champion Horse of the carnival- Kevin Stevenson riding Melody

Champion Women’s horse and rider– Lauren Stevenson

Champion Men’s horse and rider-Philip Porter

Thankyou to the teams and clubs who came and supported us at our carnival. We look forward to seeing you all next year and we are excited to see what the year 2020 brings Wollondilly Polocrosse Club.


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