Dear members,

On 20 March 2020 we advised that Australian polocrosse activities such as practices, coaching and umpiring schools could proceed, provided they were carried out in accordance with the COVID-19 Polocrosse Event Requirements.

Whilst that decision was made based on the best information available at the time, the situation is rapidly evolving. On 22 March, the Prime Minister announced widespread restrictions on social gatherings that impact pubs, gyms, cinemas, restaurants and cafes. States and Territories have declared states of emergencies and have also introduced significant measures to further restrict non-essential activities and interstate travel, all of which have been taken in response to the serious public health risks posed by COVID-19.

In light of these developments and that further restrictions are likely, Polocrosse Australia has reassessed its position on activities such as practices, coaching and umpiring, and regrettably, we have determined to now also suspend these polocrosse activities until further notice.

In doing so polocrosse is in step with the majority of Australia’s national sporting organisations. Whilst we had initially hoped to enable certain activities to continue, given the nature and significance of the most recent measures being introduced to combat COVID-19, the decision to suspend these activities was considered both necessary and in the best interests of our sport, our people and our community.

We will continue to closely monitor the situation as it unfolds in the coming weeks and months and keep you up to date as new information arrives. At this stage, it is too early to determine when the current government restrictions will be lifted and for these reasons, we will hold off on determining any potential fee adjustments for members until later in the year.

The PAA Board are working with the future of our sport and the Association in mind, not just the 2020 playing season, to this end the Board are considering all options to reduce expenditure.

It is hard to comprehend the extent of the change that has occurred in just a few short weeks. Instead of practising for our biggest event, the Australian Polocrosse Nationals, we are instead turning out our horses and needing to now practice our best social distancing measures.

This is not easy, but it is undoubtedly important. So please, play by the rules, support each other and hopefully, as quickly as Jim Grills snaps the ball from the front of the line-up, we can conquer this disease together and all get back on the polocrosse field.

Thank you and stay healthy.

Graham Lane President, Polocrosse Assocaition of Australia Inc

24th March 2020

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